Receiving Inventory

All PO's move from NetSuite to DataNinja automatically. To receive against a PO in DataNinja simply select the Receiving tab on the left hand menu and double click on the Purchase Order you wish to receive against.

You can also search for the receiving inventory under the "View WIP" tab which displays all current inventory that is being received. Lastly you can also receive inventory based on part type under the "View Lines" tab.

Once the PO is open, click on the green "Receive" icon on the right side of the screen. Depending on how your account is set up, you may be prompted to select the receiving unit of measure or add aditional information. After that you should see a screen like this.

Select the number of labels and the amount you want associated with that label (in the example above , KGs). You can customize the lot number, set the expiration date, and the into received location on this screen. Select the correct printer and click "Receive" in the bottom right corner.

After you have received inventory make sure to click "Create Receipt". Clicking "Create Receipt" prompts DataNinja to push the updated inventory to Netsuite.

The product is now received. If there is an inspection associated with that part, you will be prompted to perform that inspection.

Click "Complete Order" to close the PO in netsuite.