Removing and Restoring Users

Removing Users

To delete a user go to settings in the upper right corner and click on My Team.

Find the user by scrolling or using the search function on the left side of the screen.

Click on Edit on the right of the screen and click delete.

Restoring Users

You can quickly restore users by clicking on Settings then My Team as shown above. There are two ways to find a deleted user. We recommend the filter function if you aren't sure of the name, username, or email of the user. Click on the filter next to the search bar.

Find Is Deleted at the bottom of the options and select either Yes or All. The All option is a great way to see all users that you have created.

After clicking Apply Filter you will see the deleted users.

If you know the name, username, or email of the user, search the user in the search bar.

From here click on Edit, then Restore Deleted User. You will be prompted to confirm you want to restore the deleted user. Restoring a user doesn't restore the roles the user had prior to being deleted. Make sure you assign any roles that the user previously had.