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Scheduling Production

Scheduling Production

Having a production plan is an integral part of your business. DataNinja allows you to schedule and manage your production in just a few easy steps.

How to Schedule a Production in DataNinja
Open the “Production Plan” tab under “management” on the left side of the screen.

This page will show you all of your scheduled jobs.

Click the blue “Add to Schedule” button in the top right corner.

Select the material, or BOM you want to schedule for.

Enter the start date and time for the job.

Enter the quantity you would like to schedule for production.

Click “Save and Close” or “Save and New” in the bottom right corner.

Editing a Scheduled Production

You can edit or delete any scheduled production from the calendar on the "Production Plan" tab in DataNinja.

Viewing Scheduled & Completed Productions as a List

You can view all of your scheduled or completed productions as a list by clicking on the banner at the top of the "Production Plan" page in DataNinja.

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Scheduling Production

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