Paperless Operations

Electronic: Batch Records / Device History Records / Job Travelers with QuickBooks

Manual business processes are paperwork intensive. DataNinja helps manufactures and distributors go paperless even when tight regulations are enforced.

3 Ways To Go Paperless in DataNinja

There are three paths to paperless operations with DataNinja. Each has it's advantages. You can mix and match these methods for each phase of your operations using Sub Assemblies and BOM revisions.

Paperless MethodEase of 1st SetupCustomization
FormsSimple (less than 10 minutes)Medium
DocumentBeginner (15-20 minutes)High
SpreadsheetAdvanced (30 minutes)Unlimited

1. Forms

Intuitive building blocks that can have you in paperless production within minutes

1100 1100

2. Document

Use Microsoft Word or .pdf file to train your web-based, electronic record format

3. Spreadsheet

Use Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets to train your web-based, electronic record format and logic


Which one is right for me?

Speak with your DataNinja representative, a short conversation will help you narrow things down.