License Plates

Group and Transact Inventory Lots with a Single Scan

A License plate is useful for grouping inventory so that it can be transacted together. Think of a license plate like a virtual container that "holds" as much inventory as you scan into it. You can use License Plates (LPN's) to automate grouped transactions for:
-Inventory Transfers
-Manufacturing Consumption


What is a License Plate (LPN)

License Plate numbers are pallet identifiers used to transact or transfer groups of materials together.

Adding Inventory to a License Plate (LPN)

To add or "Load" inventory on to a LPN tap the Adjust menu and select LPN.

Choose/Scan an existing LPN or create a new one using the drop down.

Scan inventory identifiers onto the LPN.

License Plate Label Example


Example Image from a 2x4 inch label template

Using LPN's

Scanning a LPN onto a Sales Order shipment will allocate the applicable lots and quantities defined by the sales order. The contents of the shipment are grouped by LPN and can be printed as individual lines on the Lot-specific packing list.

Warehouse Transfer
From within the Transfer or Maintain LPN asides, scan the LPN barcode then scan the destination location to transfer all the LPN contents to the new location.

Scanning a LPN onto a manufacturing record will allocate the applicable lots and quantities defined by the BOM and Planned Quantity. Consumed inventory will be deducted from the LPN and from the system inventory levels in real-time.


Multi-Batch Process Traceability

Some processes run multiple batches through machinery fill and packaging lines in a single day without stopping the line between batches. You can assign a days worth of batches to a LPN to keep the batches associated for traceability and mock-recall situations.