Inventory Location Transfer

How to perform an Inventory Transfer

Steps to Transfer Inventory

  1. Tap "Adjust" then select "Inventory"
  1. Scan the Inventory identifier
  2. Scan the destination location barcode
  3. Tap "Transfer"



Adding a note to the inventory transfer transaction is a great way to provide context in the transaction log. However it does add a few seconds to the inventory transfer process. You can configure whether or not a note is a required field by going to the Gear icon, then selecting "Company Settings"

Partial Transfers

For partial transfers, edit the "quantity to transfer" to be the partial amount. Depending on your Tracking Type settings, DataNinja might print a new barcode to represent the partial quantity that was transfered. This barcode will be traceable back to the source inventory identifier .

Indirect Transfers - License Plates and Cycle Counts

License Plates
If inventory is on a License Plate (LPN), it will transfer with the LPN when the License Plate is transferred.

Cycle Counts
When performing a Cycle Count of an inventory location, the counted (scanned) inventory is transferred into the count location if it is not already there.


Kanban For Item-Location specific alerts

Creating a Kanban generates a threshold for a specific part in a specific inventory location. Use Kanban for inventory processes where it is critical to keep things going with a buffer for safety stock.