DataNinja + NetSuite Sync Overview

How/Where/When information syncs between Oracle NetSuite and DataNinja

DataNinja and NetSuite sync bidirectionally. NetSuite is master for all procure-to-pay and Quote-to-cash workflows. DataNinja helps with inventory traceability, quality control, and digital quality execution for everything in between.

Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Fulfillments, Invoices

Purchase orders are sent from NetSuite into DataNinja. Receiving, incoming quality inspections, and unique lot numbers are saved in DataNinja. Once the incoming inventory is received and released in DataNinja the inventory, with the unique lot number, is updated in Netsuite.

Sales orders are generated in Netsuite and move into DataNinja. Released finished good inventory is scanned and shipped in DataNinja. Fulfillment is sent from DataNinja to NetSuite. Fulfilling and shipping in DataNinja ensures complete traceability from raw materials being received to finished goods going out the door.

Invoices to your customers do not sync to DataNinja from NetSuite.


Manufacturing may not be part of your NetSuite build. If it is, DataNinja will interact with NetSuite as described below.

DataNinja holds your recipes (MMR/BOM) and your detailed production records. This maintains inventory traceability from receiving raw materials to the sale of finished goods. By using production in DataNinja you can quickly lockout raw materials and finished goods in the event of a recall (see "How to do a Mock Recall").

Manufacturing is scheduled on DataNinja's production calendar and flows to NetSuite as a Work Order (WO).

Production and quality control is performed in DataNinja and moves to NetSuite as an Assembly Build with a unique lot number.

Sales Orders are generated in NetSuite and move into DataNinja. Quickly allocate inventory to sales orders in DataNinja using barcode scanners DataNinja only allows released finished goods to be shipped. Shipping in DataNinja associates the finished good lot number with the sales order. Maintaining traceability from receiving raw materials to finished goods going out the door

After a Sales Order is fulfilled in DataNinja the status of the Sales Order is changed from "Pending Fulfillment" to "Pending Billing' and the Item Fulfillment is generated in Netsuite.

Invoices exist and are maintained in NetSuite and do not sync to DataNinja.

Inventory Levels

Inventory levels In DataNinja and NetSuite are maintained through receiving, manufacturing, and fulfillments. By inventory levels updating between DataNinja and Netsuite you maintain traceability of your finished goods from the receipt of raw materials to the finished good going out the door.