High-Level steps to complete an electronic manufacturing record in DataNinja.

Before following these steps you need a BOM version configured and released to schedule in step 1 below:

1. Production Plan

Open the production calendar by click on Production Plan on the left side of the screen.


2. Open the Manufacturing Record

Click on the scheduled batch calendar "dot" then click on the identifier (Lot Number) to open the record.


3. Execute!

Produced Batch Information
This section contains header details about the produced lot as well as links to reference docs attached to the BOM Version or BOM Part.


Produced Quantity
Batch yield is recorded in the Produced Quantity section via printing barcodes for the inventory generated through manufacturing.



Need to print multiple barcodes all at once?

Select "Print Multiple" via the down arrow on the left side of the "Print" button.

Transacted Parts Information
This section is for recording inputs. Scan the barcodes used and verify quantities here.



Focus on recording actuals

Verify/edit each scanned quantity to ensure the manufacturing record matches what was actually used.

Process Steps
Process Steps replace the data collection that was filled out on paper before. Additionally, process steps can capture relevant equipment utilized, workcenter costing data, and step-specific Transacted Parts.


This section exists to optionally record additional equipment utilized in the production process.


4. Review and Electronic Signatures

Completing the manufacturing record's approval steps will complete the manufacturing record and release the inventory lot preproduced. The order and quantity of role-based esignatures required is configured in the BOM Approval Steps. To esign for the current approval step, tap "Sign" at the bottom right of the Electronic Manufacturing Record.


Enter CFR 21 part 11 compliant electronic signature via entering username and password.