Troubleshooting Label Printing

Follow these 3 quick steps if labels are not printing.

1. Check your DataNinja Hub

A red power indicator light should be visible on the hub side opposite the USB ports. If you don't see this red light, check power connections. Next, verify the ethernet cable is connected and check that the ethernet connection to the internet is good.

2. Check your Printer's Connection

From any screen click the gear icon, under tools select Printers. Open the Printer that is having trouble and tap the small box next to the IP address.

You should then see a screen that looks like this:

If you see a printer status of "Ready", your printer is connected to your network and DataNinja has the correct information. If you see a red error message in place of the "Ready" pictured above, it usually means the printer is not closed properly or is out of label stock/ribbon.

If a page like the image above never loads when you select the link next to the IP address, your printer is either not connected to the network OR it has a different IP address than what is currently saved in DataNinja.

If the printer has a different IP address, navigate back to the printer page (from any screen click the gear icon, under tools select Printers). To the right of add printer select the down arrow and select "Discover Printers". Wait 60 seconds for the hub to discover all printers and then try to print again.

3. Re-Calibrate the Printer

If the printer is printing off labels incorrectly or printing labels on every other label, hold down the "X" and "Pause" buttons down for two seconds to recalibrate the label feed.

Contact Support

If your hub is powered up and online and Step 2 connection test shows "Ready", you should not have any trouble printing. Please contact your DataNinja account support executive via live chat.