Know how much you can make and when you might run out.

What is MRP?

MRP stands for Materials Requirements Planning. DataNinja MRP looks at your inventory levels and intelligently helps you track 1) How much you can make and 2) When you will need to order more. With DataNinja MRP you can stay ahead of your orders and stock-outs that could halt operations.


Tablet Screenshot - DataNinja MRP


Toggle planned production and respond ahead of inventory shortage.

How does MRP work with QuickBooks?

DataNinja Inventory barcoding and scanning help you track inventory quantities on hand. MRP algorithms do the heavy lifting so all you have to do is monitor the pulse of your inventory levels, and order accordingly. DataNinja MRP aggregates forecasted inflow and outflow for each part.


  • QuickBooks Purchase Orders
  • Scheduled Production


  • QuickBooks Sales Orders (Estimates)
  • Scheduled Consumption

Lead Time

More than what, know when. Add vendor specific lead times so your QuickBooks PO's have an additional dimension -when the material will arrive.


Part vendor-specific information