How to Add Equipment in DataNinja

Adding equipment details for the first time.

Navigate to Equipment Management List

Click on the gear menu and under Tools select Equipment.

Add Equipment

Select the "Add Equipment" button at the top right of your screen.

Enter the equipment details:
Equipment Identifier - A combination of alpha-numeric, or symbols to uniquely identify the equipment.
Equipment Description - Enter a long-form text description of the equipment.
Equipment Type - Defines when it is acceptable to use this equipment.
Email - Who should receive scheduled maintenance reminders for this particular equipment.
Location (Optional) - Use this field for equipment that will transact with inventory in production via kanban. Leave blank if unsure.
Work Center (Optional) - Use this field for associating equipment with it's respective cost center. Leave blank if unsure.


Equipment Type is Most Important

DataNinja verifies on equipment type. When logging equipment usage during manufacturing, any operational and valid equipment identifier can be recorded as long as it is the proper Equipment Type.