Tracking Type

Choosing the best inventory tracking type

What is a Part's Tracking Type?

Tracking type determines how DataNinja will help you monitor the quantity and location of inventory for the part. For each Part you will need to choose one of 3 tracking types. The 3 available tracking types are:

  1. Part Tracking
  2. Batch Tracking
  3. Sublot Tracking

What is the difference?

Part Tacking - For tracking the item quantity per inventory location.
Batch Tracking - For tracking the item quantity per Lot Number per inventory location.
Sublot Tracking - For tracking the item quantity per subset of a Lot independent of inventory location.

Which One is Right for my Parts?

The right tracking type depends on the item and how you wish to transact with its inventory. The most commonly use tracking type is Batch. The decision matrix below can help you decide what is right for your Parts.


Its OK to have questions

Getting inventory tracking accurate at the speed of business is no small endeavor. Follow your instinct; it is probably right! Not sure? Contact your DataNinja onboarding professional