Lean Manufacturing Techniques


What is Pre-Weigh?

Pre-Weigh is the process of staging and weighing materials for a batch scheduled to be manufactured. DataNinja provides functionality that enables batch and process manufacturers to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Access Pre-Weigh

To Pre-Weigh materials, there must first be a scheduled BOM. All required parts and quantities on the BOM will be automatedly added to the "Manufacturing Required Parts" page.


Select the Gear Icon on the top left, then list "All Lists". Lastly, select "Manufacturing Required Parts".

To streamline access to this page, like all other pages in DataNinja, select the bookmark icon to access Pre-Weigh from the home page.


Start Pre-Weighing one click from the homepage by selecting the bookmarked page.

How to Pre-Weigh

On the "Manufacturing Required Parts" page you can search for parts by job or weigh out all of the same part across jobs. To begin Pre-Weigh select the part and then the scale you are using. Then scan the material you are weighing out. The "Add Previously Weighed Batches" button allows the user to combine multiple lots of material while maintaining traceability.


Select the part to Pre-Weigh, then the scale in use, and lastly scan the lot being weighed out.

With a connected scale, DataNinja will provide real-time weight so the user can easily see how under and over weight it is. Once the weight is correct select "Print Weight" for a new label so the material can be consumed in the BOM. The material Pre-Weighed for a job will be allocated for that BOM, but it can be consumed for other BOMs if needed.


If a printer is not selected, first select the printer and then hit "Print Weight".