DataNinja Hub and Printer Configuration

What does the DataNinja Hub do?

The Hub's purpose is to communicate with DataNinaja and ask for print jobs from the cloud. Using the IP address you provide, the Hub sends the print job to the specified printer.

DHCP Reservations

For Label Printers:

DataNinja needs to have an up-to-date IP address for each label printer. Setting up a DHCP Reservation or a Static IP will save time and potential hassle.

For DataNinja Hubs:
This appliance does NOT require a DHCP reservation. It acts only as a proxy for cloud-based printing to LAN printers. The only requirements for the HUB to function properly are:

  1. Access to the internet (Most DataNinja Hubs are connected via Ethernet connection, but there is an option to be set up over wifi if necessary).
  2. Be on a routable subnet and be able to reach the label printers.

Updating the Printer IP Address in DataNinja

  1. Find the printers IP address (If you need assistance finding the IP address DN Support can trigger an IP scan through the DN Hub).
  2. Click "View" under actions on the printer you wish to update.
  3. Update the IP adress in the "IP" text field.
  4. Verify the port is correct (The default port is 9100).
  5. Changes will save automatically. This will be indicated by a green check mark).