NetSuite + DataNinja Overview

Leverage Netsuite's powerful finance system while diving deep into inventory control with DataNinja.

NetSuite does everything from finance to marketing emails to your customer base. DataNinja adds to NetSuite's powerful ERP system by allowing you to see granular information about your inventory, consume and transact inventory quickly with barcode scanning, and manufacture multiple products in one production run.

NetSuite has many different out of the box solutions. This article gives a general overview of how DataNinja and NetSuite typically interact, but it may not match how you use NetSuite. Please reach out to us if you have a specific question about how DataNinja would interact with your NetSuite instance.


NetSuite starts this flow by creating and tracking purchase orders. After created the PO flows into DataNinja. Invoices are matched to purchase orders and receiving statements in NetSuite. NetSuite maintains detailed records on all suppliers, including contacts, addresses, banking information, past payments, and credit memos.

You will receive and label inventory at the sub-lot level with unique identifiers In DataNinja. Perform detailed quality inspections which are then attached to the unique identifier of each lot. Control inventory status and movements in DataNinja. Received and released inventory is pushed into Netsuite by DataNinja.



Manage procurement, plan production and direct discrete manufacturing processes in one, unified platform. NetSuite offers the power and agility to support and adapt to your exact processes as they change over time. NetSuite provides visibility and control of key processes that you need in order to compete more effectively in the market. NetSuite provides greater insight into the production cycle, from assembly to days on-hand inventory reporting and fulfillment

DataNinja stores your Bills of Materials (BOM/MMR/recipes) and detailed records of the manufacturing process. Using DataNinja you can quickly consume released materials during manufacturing via barcode scanner in DataNinja. Just like receiving, store your quality control inspections and records CFR 21 Part 11 compliant signatures.



All processes are connected in Netsuite from the creation of a lead through generating an estimate. Once a quote is accepted, generate the sales order directly from the estimate. Sales orders allocate product and services automating invoice creation.

Inventory controls In DataNinja ensure only released inventory is shipped. Barcode scanning records which lot was shipped. By maintaining record of lot numbers from receiving to shipping, you can quickly