Default Bin Location

You can setup part specific default bin locations. This will default the location that new inventory is initialized into. Setting up a default into-inventory location is useful when you want to control the location of produced goods. It is also beneficial for receiving raw materials. When the right default location is specified, it will save your operators from having to select an into inventory location at receiving.

How to Set a Part's Default Location

Click into the part and select Edit. Next, find the location dropdown within the part's purchasing class.

Choose from existing warehouse locations or create a new location as the into inventory default for this part.


Location Dropdown


Crawl... Walk... Run

Precise, down-to-every-pallet-location tracking is ideal. However, we recommend that you start with only a few inventory locations. Most companies begin with less than five. You can add hundreds of barcoded inventory locations later as your team is more familiar with DataNinja.

How Will It Look On a Daily Basis?

At Inventory Receiving:
When staff are receiving raw materials the parts location will be defaulted automatically. If inventory should be received into a non standard location, the operator can tap to edit the inbound put away location before he prints the labels.

Produced Inventory (Finished Good or Sub Assembly):
During Production an operator generates labels to track WIP or Finished goods through order fulfillment. When she prints the labels the inventory will be "produced into" the produced part numbers default location.