Incoming Inspection

Electronic part-specific inspection workflows at the receiving dock

For inventory that requires inspection before use in operations, setup a customized electronic form that must be completed and signed with an electronic signature before the material quality status is changed from AwaitingInspection _to _Released

How to Add an Automated Inspection Workflow

Main menu >> Parts >> Click into specific Part >> Inspection Criteria >> Plus Icon

Types of Inspection Attributes

Each Inspection you add can have one or more attributes. Think of Inspection Attributes as building blocks for your electronic inspection form. A specific attribute type can be assigned to customize the auto verification on data collection.

Attribute TypeMonitorsAlerts If
Text FieldText EntryBlank
Number FieldNumber EntryBlank OR Outside Threshold
Date FieldDate EntryBlank OR Not Correct Format
Check BoxCompletionNot Checked Off
FileUpload SuccessNo File/Image Uploaded

Electronic Quality Inspection Workflow

When a Part with an inspection setup for it is received the operator will be presented with this notification as the barcodes print.


If the user is authorized to complete the inspection, they can inspect the material immediately or inspect later. By clicking Inspect Later the inspection approval will be routed automatically to the My Approvals dashboard for authorized users.


Completing the Inspection

Open the inspection and complete by entering data for each of the inspection attributes. When complete click "Approve" and e-sign the inspection to release the material for operational use.


Nice to Know

When completing inspections on a tablet or mobile device. Tap Attached Files to open the camera and link a picture to the material inspection.