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Run Stock, Custom, or Custom Contextual reports in DataNinja

Standard Inventory and Traceability Reports

  • Lot Distribution Report - Show me everywhere and everything this Lot Number is associated with
  • Inventory Report - Details of all inventory by location, quality release status, expiration and more
  • Mass Balance Report - Show me all inventory transactions for this material (Who, When, What, How Much)

Custom Reporting

Its your data. Lets partner to make it work for you. Reporting >> Plus Icon

Contextual Reporting

DataNinja supports you with custom, operationally-contextual reports to automate manual processes.

  • Generate documentation based on a shipment's content and customer
  • Run calculations based on current manufacturing progress
  • Interact with vendors using their part numbers, but track internally using your own.

Where Can I Run Contextual Reporting?

  • Receiving
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping

Example Contextual Reports

  • Material Test Requirements
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Branded Packing Lists
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution Pedigree
  • Alcohol Proof Gallons

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Run Stock, Custom, or Custom Contextual reports in DataNinja

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