Scanner Setup

Scanner Configuration for use with DataNinja Software

You need to add what is called a "Carriage Return Suffix" to your barcode scanner. This is a setting in the scanner that is the equivalent of pressing ENTER on the device keyboard after the scan data is accepted.

Adding a Carriage Return is not required but it is extremely convenient for use in DataNinja.


Trouble Scanning the Screen?

Tap on your model number for a printable PDF version of the configuration barcode:

To add the "ENTER" suffix you simply need to scan the configuration barcodes that will program your scanner to the desired setting. Scan the barcode below specific to your scanner's model


DS2208 Carriage ReturnDS2208 Carriage Return

DS2208 Carriage Return


DS2278 Carriage ReturnDS2278 Carriage Return

DS2278 Carriage Return


DS8178 Carriage ReturnDS8178 Carriage Return

DS8178 Carriage Return