Quality Control

Real-Time Inventory Quality Control

We all want quality,. We want quality to keep customers impressed and regulatory organizations satisfied. Unfortunately, most manual quality control efforts slow down operations with heaps of tedious busy work.

Still, the busy work is necessary to prevent costly mistakes, right? Has your business ever mixed-up items in a customer shipment, scrapped an entire batch in manufacturing, or realized after the fact that data is missing or illegible on quality record?



We wont tell anyone. After-all, that was before you got DataNinja

Configure your quality workflow in DataNinja to leverage automated checks and immediate operator feedback.

Error Prevention

The following are a few examples of immediate error proofing alerts in DataNinja. The severity of alerts is a customization that can be dialed up, or down in Gear >> Company Settings


Expiration Date Tracking and Enforcement


Equipment Maintenance and Calibration Monitoring


Electronic Batch Record Trackable attribute outside threshold limits


Electronic Batch Record Final review alerts (prior to esignature all required data must be completed)


Driving Inventory negative

See Warehouse Management for more examples of Quality Control Settings