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Equipment Management

Electronic Equipment Management with DataNinja

Tracking equipment can help streamline service request processing, lower equipment cost and help operations staff use the right equipment, at the right time, for the right job.

Automatic Calibration Checks

Equipment calibration and operational status are verified in real-time whenever equipment use is
recorded. Have confidence that the corresponding quality documentation is well defined, completed, and up-to-date.

Set and Enforce Maintenance Intervals

Set regular intervals for required maintenance that are unique to each asset. DataNinja equipment management provides a platform for all your staff to report equipment concerns the moment they arise

Complete, Single Source of Truth

Manage all interactions between staff and equipmentin a single place. DataNinja keeps your change historyorganized, and granular permissions allows appropriateaccess to 3rd party technicians.

Manage with a Scan

Each asset is uniquely tracked by serial number in DataNinja. Navigating to equipment details, or recording service is simple to do from a mobile device and 2D barcode scanner.

Connected Equipment IIoT

DataNinja connects your production equipment to the cloud. Connect data equipment results and historian directly to the relevant quality records. A robust industrial internet of things connection is available to all equipment through DataNinja equipment management via the DataNinja Hub.

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Equipment Management

Electronic Equipment Management with DataNinja

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