Inventory Barcoding

Generate and print inventory barcodes for better inventory tracking with QuickBooks

Inventory barcodes make it easier to track and interact with your inventory resulting in more accurate inventory financials. Once you connect QuickBooks to DataNinja you can immediately start printing barcodes for inventory items as they arrive.

Print Barcodes for Better Inventory Tracking With QuickBooks.

Click "Receive", then all you need to do is scan or type the SKU number of the QuickBooks inventory item and specify the number of boxes and the quantity in each box. DataNinja prints inventory barcodes when you click save and print. You can setup custom barcode label templates that are specific to the inventory item tracking type (Part Tracked, Batch Tracked, or Sublot Tracked).


Generated barcode label for QuickBooks Inventory

Standard Inventory Barcode Labels Contain:
• QuickBooks SKU
• Quantity
• Unit of Measure
• Put away bin location
• Supplier Lot Number (if applicable)
• Internal Lot Number or Serial Number (if applicable)
• Date of Expiration (if applicable)
• Quality Status (if applicable)

Other Options for Data Displayed on Inventory Barcodes Include
• Supplier Part Number
• Customer Part Number
• Part Class
• Sales Class
• Shipment Date

Label Types Printed Through DataNinja



PartBatch (Lot)Sublot (Serial)
License Plate✔️✔️✔️