Required Parts

Adding Required Parts to a DataNinja Bill of Materials


What is a Required Part?

The Ingredients of a BOM.

The parts that are consumed to produce inventory of the finished product when the BOM is used in a production run.

1. Click on "Add a required part"

Under the "Required Parts" tab.

2. Select the first part (ingredient) from the dropdown

Start typing the part number or it's description.

3. Record the Standard Quantity

Enter the amount used to produce one unit of the part that will be produced by the BOM.


Getting Standard Quantity Right

If your ingredient is tracked in kg, and the part produced by the BOM is tracked by the Case; the standard quantity of the ingredient should the amount in kg that goes into 1 Case of the produced part.

See Units of Measure

4. If needed, select the process step associated with the part.

Your BOM includes all the production steps for Sub Assembly part or Finished Good. If you have not created the process step at this point, move on to step 5.

5. Save

That's it! Repeat steps 1-5 for the rest of the required parts you wish to add.

When to use Optional Parts

In most BOMs, all of the required parts will be used 100% of the time the BOM is scheduled. If “Occasionally” is checked, manufacturing can be completed without using any inventory of the part. The parts consumption in the manufacturing run is optional.

Use the "Occasionally" designation when it is convenient for minimizing BOM versions without compromising quality.


If a part is not always consumed, you can sign a manufacturing record without using the optional part.