BOM Lifecycle

LifeCycle control for Bills of Material versions

The Lifecycle of a BOM determines how you can interact with it. There are three BOM Lifecycles:

  • Imported
  • Released
  • Discontinued

Imported BOM Lifecycle

When a BOM Version is set as Imported it can be edited, but not scheduled.

Released BOM Lifecycle

A BOM version Lifecycle set as Released means the BOM Version can be scheduled on the production plan. Released BOM versions appear in the Add To Schedule dropdown. A released BOM can't be edited

Discontinued BOM Lifecycle

When a BOM version Lifecycle is Discontinued, the BOM Version can no longer be scheduled for production and will be hidden from the Bills of Materials page. If you wish to revisit a Discontinued BOM Version, use the filter on the Bills of Materials page, find the BOM Lifecycle drop down, and select Discontinued

How to Change a BOM version Lifecycle

To change a BOM version Lifecycle, click on the current Lifecycle and select the new Lifecycle from the dropdown.


Unable to Change the lifecycle to imported when batches have already been created

If you see this error when trying to edit and existing BOM, you need to create a new Version for your latest updates.