Part Lifecycle

Using a Part's Lifecycle setting for Master Data Management

What is Part Lifecycle?

Part Lifecycle is an optional setting at the Part Level that controls which types of business transactions are allowed for the Part. The Lifecycle setting of a Part manages it's stages from inception, through R&D and manufacturing, to end of distribution, and eventually retirement.

The following lifecycle "stages" are available in the system:

  • Initialized
  • R & D
  • Industrialization
  • Distribution
  • Replenishment End
  • Sales End
  • Closed



Not sure which one fits your needs? Go with Distribution. This lifecycle setting has NO restrictions.

What does the Part Lifecycle Setting Do?

The current lifecycle of a part controls what can be done with it in the system. These controls act like an extra, automated check against data entry errors.

-R&D Lifecycle allows full lab inventory traceability entries, while preventing shipment to customers if the part is mistakenly entered on a customer order.
-Replenishment End Lifecycle allows customer order fulfillment, but does not allow additional production to be scheduled (or purchases to be made if the the part is a Raw Material).

Receiving: R&D, Industrialization, Distribution
Create and Release BOM: R&D, Industrialization, Distribution
Production: R&D, Industrialization, Distribution
Add as Required Part to BOM: R&D, Industrialization, Distribution, ReplenshmentEnd, SalesEnd
_Shipping: _Distribution, ReplenshmentEnd

How to Change a Part's Lifecycle

Go to the Parts Page.

Double tap on the part entry you wish to change. Tap "Edit".

Select the appropriate new option from the "Part Lifecycle" dropdown .