Unit of Measure Sets

What is a Unit of Measure Set?

A Unit of Measure Set defines three things for a part/or inventory.
1. The base unit of measure (stocking unit of measure).
2. Conversions between the base unit of measure and other units of measure.
3. Sets the correct unit of measure conversion per category, ex: shipping, purchasing, and sales.

The base unit of measure is what the inventory is normally transacted in during production. Often inventory is purchased, sold, and shipped in a different unit of measure than the base unit. The automatic conversion selected in the category will maintain precise inventory management.



For example inventory is purchased by the pound, but the base unit is in grams with the stored conversion of 1lb = 453.592 g in the unit of measure set. When the inventory is received in pounds it will automatically convert the pounds to grams or whatever UOM is selected in the category.

How to Create a Unit of Measure Set

  1. Select the gear in the top right, find the Lists column, and select "All Lists".

  1. Select "Unit of Measure Sets".

  2. Select the blue "Add Unit Set" button in the top right.

  3. Assign a name to the unit of measure set, select the type of UOM ex: mass, volume, area, etc. Then most importantly assign a base unit of measure.


Copy a Unit of Measure Set

The paper logo next to the name when selected will create a copy of the unit of measure set. Allowing you to set a new name while keeping all of your conversions saved.

  1. The new Unit of Measure Set will now be on the page. Select the down arrow on the far left to expand the unit of measure set. To add a new UOM conversion select the "Add New" button enter the unit you want to convert to and the conversion factor. The first Related Unit in the drop down is the base unit of measure.

  1. Select the Category unit of measure in the drop down arrows and assign a unit. It is important to remember that you can only assign units that are defined in the unit conversions below.

  2. That's it! A new Unit of Measure Set is now created.

How to add a Unit of Measure Set to a Part.

To add a Unit of Measure Set to a part/inventory item can only be done when creating a part. This can be done by selecting the Unit of measure Set name under the "Unit Set" Drop down window.


Change Unit of Measure Set on a existing Part

Don't worry contact your DataNinja support agent through the chat and we can make that change for you. You may find that the change you need is to create a new part.