Printing Setup

Getting started with your Hub, Label Printers, and printing labels via DataNinja

Steps for setting up DataNinja hardware required for your first barcode label print:

1. Hub (Power and Internet)

Unpack your DataNinja Hub. Connect with Power and internet (ethernet) preferably in a network closet next to your router/modem. If you will be using the Hub for scale connectivity consider cable lengths when deciding where to put your hub.

Step-by-step Detailed Instructions

2. Printer Connected to Internet

To print labels via DataNinja, your printer needs to be connected to the internet on the same network as your DataNinja hub. Connect your printer via Ethernet cable or use the wifi setup instructions below.

wifi Label Printer Setup Instructions

You will know the printer is connected when the printer's network icon is green.


Not All Printers have Wifi connection abilities

Ethernet Only, Wifi Only, and BOTH are all possible printer connectivity variants. An Ethernet-Only printer will be unresponsive to wifi setup attempts.

3. Discover Printers

In DataNinja, click on the gear icon and select "Printers" under "Tools"

On the printers page, select the down arrow next to the blue "Add Printer" button at the top right hand corner of the page. Select "Discover Printers". Then click "I Understand"

Once the printer discovery has completed you should see a line on the printers page for each printer you connected to internet in step 2. Each will look like this:

4. DataNinja Printer Configuration + Label Templates

Click "View" on the "Discovered Printer". Click "Edit" to update the printer Name and choose the "Printer Location" (ex: HQ).

Select "Label Templates" for each label type.

5. Test Print

Preform a "Quick Receive". Verify the label prints from the selected printer.