Experience smooth workflow from start to finish.

With DataNinja’s eKanban functionality you can experience a smooth work flow from start to finish. Kanban is a Japanese manufacturing process that is designed to control the supply chain and realize cost savings by implementing just-in-time inventory control.

DataNinja has brought eKanban to you as a means of providing a more efficient manufacturing and inventory tracking process. It is tailored to minimize the number of manual entries needed to record transactions for just-in-time production. Based on your settings eKanban can automatically issue materials or record machine and labor hours. It uses existing quality control points which further automates manufacturing traceability.

Kanban will improve your predictability and quality by eliminating manual entry errors, reducing lead time, and alerting you when a production line is getting low on inventory. Experience real-time demand signaling across your production line, improve visibility, without unnecessary slowdowns or stoppage.