Custom Lot Numbers

How to use self generated Lot numbers for Inventory Traceability

When should I use Custom Lot Numbers in DataNinja?

If the identifiers generated by DataNinja are not compatible your ink code marker, it might be better to use a custom format. That way you won't ever need to guess if a stamped-on-bottle code is an "O" or a "0". A good rule of thumb is to let the system track and generate these details for you. It's simpler to scan a barcode than memorize the Julian date calendar

DataNinja generates unique identifier codes for inventory tracking automatically. Identifier codes consists of a unique, random combination of 8 numbers and letters.


Example of System Generated Lot Number

Still want to use your own custom lot code traceability format? No problem. Keep on reading below...

How to use Custom Lot Numbers with your Inventory System

You can use your own schema for Lot Numbers with DataNinja in every place you would use a system generated one.


Click on the system generated identifier and enter the Lot number that should be used to track the inventory through consumption, in production, and through finished good shipments.



Can I make this required?

Yes! If you need the Lot number to be manually entered every time just check the "User Generated Identifier" checkbox on the Part settings page.


In the example below an operator is overriding the system generated identifier for the 4th pallet from the production line. The custom Lot Number entered is printed on the corresponding label and traceable to it's unique barcode.




Checking the "User Generated Identifier" box for Sub Assemblies and Finished goods will prompt you to enter the custom lot number once at production scheduling. That way, your custom lot number is auto populated during production. Less typing = Less mistakes :)