Shipping Inventory

Outbound Inventory Workflows

If your financial system is synced with DataNinja simply select the Ship tab on the left hand Menu and select the Sales Order you wish to Ship against. If inventory needs to be Shipped with out a SO select the "Quick Ship" button.

To ship inventory by Sales orders select the " View Orders" tab and then select the desired Sales order. You can also search for the sales orders under the "View WIP" tab which displays all partial completed shipments. Lastly you can also ship inventory based on part type under the "View Lines" tab.


Progressive Shipping

DataNinja allows you to partially fulfill shipments learn more here.

Quick Ship

If DataNinja isn't tied to your financial system or if you don't have a sales order for the inventory, you can also quick ship inventory to customers

Step 1 Click New Quick Ship in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2 A new window will appear. Select the ship date, customer, and address to ship against. Then complete the order

Step 3 A shipment will be created automatically where you can add the inventory to be shipped.