Bills of Materials (BOM)

Where it all comes together!

Anything you want to track inventory of needs a Part Number.The Part Number uniquely identifies WHAT the inventory is. If inventory of a particular Part is generated via the consumption of other Parts (like a Finished Good or Sub Assembly), then you also need to setup a Bill of Material (BOM). The BOM number is where you specify HOW inventory of a produced part Part comes into existence.


The BOM number is the part number that is produced whenever the BOM is followed

The BOM is where you can map your process into DataNinja so that you can control how the ingredients come together to produce inventory of the resulting product.


Scalable and Repeatable

When fresh inventory of a Part is generated via the consumption of one or several other parts; a Bill of Materials (BOM) is used as a repeatable, scalable way to handle the inventory transactions and control the process.

A DataNinja BOM contains:

  • Configuration
  • Required parts
  • Attributes (customizable data collection and verification web-form building blocks)
  • Approvals
  • Equipment



Depending on your business processes one or several of the following terms may be synonymous with what DataNinja means when referring to a BOM:
Recipe, Formulation, Routing, MMR etc.

Creating your First BOM in DataNinja

The BOM page is where you will configure, add, and edit BOM specific settings.

Click "Bill of Materials" on the right side of the screen. Find and click on "Add BOM" in the top right corner.

Enter the inventory part number that will be produced when this BOM is scheduled. The inventory part number should be a Finished Good part number or a Sub Assembly part number.

The Manufacturing Part Class is an organizational strata for reporting purposes. Leave it as "other" if you are not sure what to put in that field.

The Location field defines where inventory will be produced into once the BOM is used in production.

The version is the unique variant of the BOM. Start with "1". Having multiple versions of a BOM allows flexibility if there is more than one valid way to produce inventory of the BOM Part Number.




The BOMs don't hold any inventory, they simply contain the recipe for a produced good.

What’s Next

BOM Configuration Settings