Barcode Scanning

Scan barcodes for inventory transactions that update Netsuite

A barcode scanner’s output is similar to an everyday keyboard. However, instead of pressing down or tapping on keyboard keys, the scanner “looks” at a barcode image and then rapidly “types” out the data encoded. Using barcode scanners with inventory dramatically reduces data entry times. Using barcode scanners and mobile devices make it easier for you to accurately track inventory levels in Netsuite.

Benefits of Inventory Barcode Scanning

Increase Data Accuracy
Decrease Data Entry
Auto update Netsuite Inventory
Immediate Operator Feedback

Transactions to use Barcode Scanning with Netsuite

Scan to:

  • Adjust inventory
  • Scrap inventory
  • Consume inventory in manufacturing/assembly
  • Shipping
  • Change inventory release status
  • Enter Supplier Part Numbers (UPC)
  • Record Equipment Serial Number Used in Production
  • Transfer Inventory Locations
  • Electronic Manufacturing Records
    • Batch Record
    • Device History Record
    • Job Traveler

Barcode Scanners Compatible with DataNinja

DataNinja generates Two-dimensional barcodes by default. It is recommended that you use scanners that are able to read 2D barcodes.

Barcode scanners must be compatible with the device you use to access DataNinja.

Popular Barcode Scanners used by Netsuite-DataNinja operators


DS8178 Wireless 2D Imager


DS2208 Corded 2D Imager


BlueBird EF500 - Handheld android mobile device with built in 2D imager


How can I know which scanner is right for me?

Contact your DataNinja representative for free recommendations and exact model numbers