Using workcenters to organize manufacturing processes and allocate direct costs

What is a Workcenter?

A workcenter is a place or process where value is added during manufacturing. Each Process Step in a BOM is associated with one Work Center.

How should I use Workcenters?

In DataNinja, a Labor Step occurs within a workcenter. Most use the workcenter name as a title. The workcenter is a way to give meaning to the location where the labor step attributes will be collected during manufacturing.

For advanced cost accounting, workcenters can be used to burden fixed and variable costs onto produced inventory. Workcenter-specific costing configurations include:

  • Scrap Quantity
  • Scrap Percent
  • Move hours
  • Pieces Before Re Setup
  • Resetup Hours
  • Queue Hours
  • Fixed Setup Hours
  • Number of Operators
  • Variable Run Labor Hours per Produced part
  • Fixed Run Labor Hours Per Batch Yield
  • Batch Yield Per Fixed Run Labor

Setting up Work Centers

To set up a work center click on settings, then "All Lists".

Find and click on "Work Centers".

You will see the page shown below. Click "Add Workcenter" at the top right corner.

Fill out the fields show below. Fixed setup and variable rate are not required fields, but useful if you want to track cost associated with those rooms. Click save in the bottom right corner when finished.