Food Manufacturing

Preview Features - DataNinja Food Manufacturing Software

High-volume throughput and time sensitive processes in Food Manufacturing demand traceability and inventory management that won’t slow down operations.

Food Manufacturers use DataNinja to:

  • Enforce FIFO inventory Practices
  • Scan barcodes for searchable mock recall traceability
  • Inspect, approve, and release Inventory by Lot #
  • Manage warehouse inventory operations
  • Fulfill Orders with customer specific documents and Labels

Prioritize Inventory by Expiration Date

The system tracks inventory quantities by Lot #, Location, Expiration and Release Status.

Lot numbers auto generated at receiving or custom.

Mock Recall

In Mfg Record Lookup, enter a supplier lot number and view all associated manufacturing records, transactions, and related shipments of finished product.


Click 'Open Record' to view batch records

QC and Inventory Release

Inspect and Release inventory with CFR 21 part 11 compliant electronic signatures.


Item-specific webform inspection record

Order Fufillment

Scan to record inventory used for customer/distribution orders from the financial system. Print customer specific barcodes and packing lists with shipment-specific lot numbers and best by dates.

Warehouse Management

Scan an inventory barcode then scan the pallet location or staging location to transfer inventory through the warehouse.

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