High Precision User and Role Based Permissions

You want to control who has access to your company. Depending on your industry, you may have to control who has access to approvals, manufacturing, and users. DataNinja makes this easy through Permissions in your settings. Most permissions nestled under the permission field can be understood at a glance. Pay close attention to the “Create” and “Delete” permissions as you assign permissions to users. If you have questions about a specific permission, please contact us.

Team Roles

You can add a role (like Admin) to any of the permissions. Anyone assigned to that role will then have that permission. This is a quick way to assign multiple users a permission. DataNinja comes with Admin, Production Admin, RedEscalation, and YellowEscalation. You can add other roles if you would like. See the Team Roles page for more details.

Changing and Adding Permissions

To change or add permissions click on the gear in the upper right corner, find "Settings" on the left side of the dropdown, and click on permissions.

Each "Manage Access" area has multiple functionalities based permission controls. You can allow access by Team Role or by User.


Example of permission control on Updating Conversions within Maintain Parts

Explanation of Permissions

Approvals & eSignatures

Every BOM and inspection requires an approval with eSignature. This permission allows users to sign, approve, reject, and reset records. QA and production roles should have this permission.

Custom Fields

DataNinja allows you to customize some fields. This permission controls who can do that.


Inspections on receipt and after production are a great tool to ensure your rigorous quality standards are met. These permissions allow users to create or delete inspection roles, criteria, and attributes for incoming inspection and manufactured products. They also manage advanced inspection configurations for both manufactured and received materials.

Inventory Management

Controls who can adjust inventory levels, scrap inventory, or transfer inventory from one location to another.

Maintain BOM

BOMs are your recipes for your product. Control who can create, update, and delete BOMs. There are granular permissions around adding required parts, trackable attributes, labor steps and labor attributes.

Maintain Batch

Batches are the key to traceability. Batch lifecycles allow you to control when a material is released for purchase or production. Control who has access to create or delete batch lifecycles, update batch statuses, date of expiration, identifiers, and manufacturer lot numbers.

Maintain equipment

DataNinja will track your equipment use and maintenance. The person responsible for maintaining your DataNinja hub and printers will need IoT connection permissions.

Maintain Parts

Allows the user to create, delete, update parts, update conversions, and update and delete inspection criteria.

Maintain Printers

Add and update printers. The person responsible for maintaining your DataNinja hub and printers will need this permission

Maintain Units of Measure

Units of measure are key for receiving and production flowing smoothly. These permissions allow you to change, clone, create, update, and delete units of measure.

Maintain Users

This permission allows the user to control who has access to DataNinja as well as setting access or resetting passwords.

Manufacturing Execution

Allows users to create, update, and, delete utilized part transactions and record equipment use in manufacturing. Users with these permissions will be able to change what is used in production.

Pick Pack Ship

Controls everything with shipping products. Everyone shipping will need some of these permissions.


Allows users to create, update or delete batches from the planning schedule.

Receive Materials

Allows users to receive new materials, open and close POs, and quick-receive materials.