Inventory Adjustments

Three most common ways to adjust inventory

DataNinja makes inventory counts quick and easy by allowing you to update as you count. If you forgot your scanner, simply make note of the part number, batch identifier that needs to be adjusted, and amount.

Inventory Adjustment

Select "Adjust" from the main menu

Choose "Inventory"

Scan the barcode that needs adjustment, record changes and select "Adjust"

You can also adjust inventory manually by following the steps above and searching the batch identifier in the search field.

From Part Page

Double click on the part to be adjusted, find the identifier, then click on edit on the right side of the screen.

Click on "Adjust".

Type in the correct amount. Depending on how your DataNinja settings are configured, you may be required to explain why you are adjusting the inventory level. You can view the changes to be made by clicking on "View Changes" in the bottom left corner. Make the adjustment by clicking on "Adjust" in the bottom right corner.

Using the Search

From any screen, select the search glass and enter what needs adjusting. (scan is best)

On the "Inventory" tab, select "Adjust" as another way to open the Adjust aside screen.