Advanced Scheduling

Scheduling brings Work Hours, Equipment, Facility Areas and your Manufacturing Process Steps together so you can optimize output.

Setup Checklist:

Each of the following must be setup to manage operations with Scheduling

1. Workcenters
Work Centers are locations where specific tasks or activities are preformed as part of the production process. Its recommended you setup one WorkCenter for each building work area. For Example, the following WorkCenters may apply at "Building 1": PreWeigh, Blending, Packaging

2. Work Schedules
Prevent false solutions to scheduling conflicts by blocking out when equipment or team members can operate. For Example, PreWeigh might arrive at 6am and leave by 2, packaging and blending might run from 9am to 5pm. Add a work schedule for each unique equipment or personnel opeating hours.

Organized by Type. Equipment are the uniquely identified tools used in production.

4.Process Step Settings
Your BOM Process Step settings control which manufacturing execution steps will appear with scheduling constraints. To activate scheduling for a particular BOM Process Step:

  • Click Edit
  • Add Labor minutes ( Variable or Fixed)
  • Select "Yes" for "Show on Resource Scheduling"

5.Resources (Assigned To) Field
Sometimes overlapping resources are NOT bad. (your PreWeigh team might be able to on more than one batch) Use resources to divvy up tasks by parallel capabilities when more than one manufacturing record is planned at the same time within the same WorkCenter.

Make it happen! Drag, Drop, and Slide for the best Schedule


Tip: Watch out for RED!

Your scheduling chart automatically highlights when there are conflicting resources. Color density also indicates shift times where the schedule has the least room for unexpected delays.

Alternate Scheduling Views

Equipment tab is useful for monitoring scheduling constraints BY job.

The "Assigned To" Scheduling tab is useful for monitoring scheduling constraints by production Room, Operating line, or even production management personnel.