Ship and Create Item Fulfillments

Outbound Inventory Workflows


Once Netsuite and DataNinja are connected, your sales orders will flow from Netsuite into DataNinja automatically. To ship inventory by Sales orders select the " View Orders" tab and then select the desired sales order. You can search for orders using the search bar in the upper left corner of the sales order tab. You can also search for partial completed shipments sales orders under the "View WIP" tab. Lastly you can also ship inventory based on part type under the "View Lines" tab.

What is Progressive Shipping?

Progressive Shipping, sometimes called progressive invoicing, is the ability to partially fulfill customer orders and invoice for the portion of the order that is complete (shipped).

How to Ship Partial with Netsuite

If you fulfill a customer order via multiple shipments, here is how you can generate packing lists and invoices for each partial shipment within Netsuite.

  1. Sales orders in created in Netsuite will sync to the DataNinja Ship page. Open the Sales order in DataNinja.
  2. Click into "Find your inventory" and scan inventory into the shipment. You can manually adjust the inventory on the shipment if needed
  3. Mark the shipment as complete. This will generate the Item Fullfilment in Netsuite.

DataNinja will allow any number of shipments on a sales order. When the sales order is complete, click "Complete Order" in DataNinja. This will close the sales order in Netsuite.