Cannabis Processing Traceability

Inventory and Operations Management for CBD Businesses running QuickBooks

Companies that are both innovative and in an evolving regulatory environment, such as Section 7606, CFR 21 Part 1120, 820, 211, 210, etc., fall into two categories:

  1. Those who disregard the regulatory changes and are forced to play catch up or face scrutiny.

  2. Those who put systems and processes in place to mitigate and automate compliance, and
    ultimately benefit from reduced competition due to increased barriers to entry.


CBD processing Inventory Items

From Raw Flower to Finished Good

DataNinja helps CBD processors integrate barcoded traceability into inventory management best practices. Quality control becomes infused into operations via real-time automated checks and preventions.


Cannabinoid Product Traceability Barcode


Works with QuickBooks

Receive, Inspect, Consume, and Ship inventory with Traceability in Dataninja. Keep your Accountants happy with a seamless QuickBooks Integration.