Inventory Locations

Column-by-column details for the Inventory Locations tab of the data load spreadsheet

Once implemented, you will use barcodes to scan inventory into new facility locations. Use the locations tab for bulk upload if you already have locations, or have a location naming schema in mind. You can always add locations later..

Inventory Location

This is the name of the physical location where the inventory resides. See How to Barcode Your Warehouse for tips on a location naming scheme.

Location Zone

Zones are areas or sections of your warehouse. Zones are groups of inventory locations. There is no limit to the number of locations in a zone. There is no limit to the number of zones in a warehouse.


Zone Examples


Warehouse (Address Name of Building)

A Warehouse is the name of the building street address. Warehouses have Zones, Zones have Inventory Locations. You can setup as many warehouses as required. Keep in mind a Warehouse needs to have a street address assigned to it.