Process Steps

Building a manufacturing record template with Process Steps


What is a Process Step?

A Process Step is a tool that allows you to set specific rules and track important data after scheduling the production of your BOM.

What type of Process Steps can you add to your BOM?
• Labor required in minutes to track costs.
• Equipment needed.
• Text: Add specific notes, keywords, or instructions (anything that requires a longer response, a name, product details etc.).
• Number: The ability to specify a number or range (Time, quantity, etc.).
• Checkbox: Track whether specific steps were taken during production.
• Date: A field that records a calendar date with a consistent format.

How to Add a Process Step

  1. Click on the "Process" tab then select the blue "Add Process Step" button.

  1. Enter the attributes Name, Work center, and Instructions. The click "Add process step" to save.

  1. Select the far right arrow to open a drop down tab.

  1. The drop down tab displays Labor, Equipment, and Tracking attributes for the process.

Copying Process Steps

When creating a new BOM you can copy process steps from any existing BOMs. Go to the process tab and select "Copy from existing steps".

Then select/search from existing BOMs.


To add the time of labor simply select "Add Setup Labor" or "Add Variable Labor". The click "Edit" in the far right hand corner to enter in required data. When finished click "Save" to save the information entered. Only one Labor option can be selected per process.


What is the difference between Setup and Variable Labor?

Setup labor is the total time required to complete the process.
Ex. It takes 12 minutes of cooking time per batch.

Variable Labor is the time required to make one individual unit.
Ex. It takes one minute per bottle to be cap and labeled.

Trackable Attributes

To track any values select the "Add Attributes" button. Then enter in the name of the attribute followed by selecting the type of value recorded (Text, Number, Checkbox, or Date). This attribute can be selected as required or not. Select "Add" in the lower right hand corner to save. Unlimited amounts of Trackable Attributes can be added to a process.


To add Equipment select "Add Equipment" and enter the equipment name. An unlimited amount of Equipment can be added to a process.


When finished with the Process Steps click on the top right hand arrow to minimize the process. Any number of process can be added to a Bill of Materials.


Trackable Attribute History

To view the audit trail of any trackable attribute, click “Actions” on the right column then “History”.