Finished Goods

Column-by-column details for the Finished Good tab of the data load spreadsheet

Finished Goods are inventory parts whose inventory is produced into existence then shipped to customers.

Part Number

Required - Alpha Numeric
Syncs with QuickBooks - Inventory Item Name

Anything uniquely tracked in inventory needs it's own part number. Add your existing part numbers for finished goods to this column of the upload sheet. If you will be creating new part numbers, keep them simple. Smart part numbers are not recommended. Generally, a single part number should be used for each Finished Good regardless of where it is sold.


Optional - Alpha Numeric
Syncs with QuickBooks - Inventory Item SKU field

Does this finished good have a UPC/SKU assigned to it in addition to it's internal part number? This field is like a part number alias. It does not need to be unique like part number does. This is an optional field, leave it blank if not immediately useful, you can add this data later on.


Required - Alpha Numeric
Syncs with QuickBooks - Inventory Item Sales and Purchasing Description

The description field holds the full text human readable definition/name of the part.

Produced By UOM

Required - Alphabetic

Produced-by Unit of Measure, is the measure most often given to this part after it has been PRODUCED. For example: If a finished Good y part is produced by the lbs, then it's 'Produced By UOM' = lbs.


Unit of Measure Conversions (Sold by UOM, Shipped by UOM)

If the invoice unit of measure or shipping unit of measure is different than the 'Produced by UOM'. Add a column to this tab and record the unit of measure conversions. Your Implementation Engineer will verify and assist with capturing these details.

Cost per Produced By UOM

Required - Numeric
*Syncs with QuickBooks - Inventory Item Cost

How much does it cost to produce this finished good? This standard cost equals the value of both inventory and labor/direct overhead inputs.

QC Sampling Plan Required?

Required - Y/N
Whenever this sub assembly is produced, will samples need to be recorded and evaluated against pass/fail criteria?

Part Class

Optional - Alpha Numeric
Syncs with QuickBooks - Inventory Item Category

Class fields are used to "tag" parts into strata for sorting, grouping, and reporting. Used to group parts by category i.e. Bulk, WIP, Upper Assembly etc.

Sales Class

Optional - Alpha Numeric

If this finished good is custom for a single customer, then enter the customer name here. If this part needs to be "tagged" or grouped by a specific way it is is sold or shipped, store that information here.

Other Classifications/Categories

*Optional - Alpha Numeric**

Do you have additional allergens, Classifications, or Categories? Use this column to capture extra details not recorded elsewhere. Try to use 'Part Class' and 'Sales Class' first. Your Implementation Engineer will help make sure this data is captured.

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