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Printer Setup

Setup your Label printer with DataNinja

Connecting to Internet

For ethernet connected printers all you need to do is power your printer up and connect an internet enabled ethernet cable. If your printer will operate on WIFI, make sure you have followed this guide

Setup in DataNinja

Once your printer is online you need to add it to DataNinja. To add a printer click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of DataNinja. Under TOOLS select Printers then tap 'Add New Printer'

Enter a Printer Name and the IP address. Specify the label size that will be used with this printer. If you need help identifying the printers IP address contact your DataNinja technical support rep.

How do I find the printers IP address?

Hold down the "X" and "Feed" buttons for 5 seconds. Labels will print showing the printers configuration. Look for the "Network Configuration" section where the IP address is displayed.


It's best to give your label printers static IP addresses. Your IT person can help you with this.

Updated 11 months ago

Printer Setup

Setup your Label printer with DataNinja

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