Printer Setup

Setup your Label printer with DataNinja

Connecting to Internet

For ethernet connected printers all you need to do is power your printer up and connect an internet enabled ethernet cable. If your printer will operate on WIFI, follow this guide .


Printers and Hub must be on the same network

For your hub to send label prints to your printers, they must be on the same WIFI/network/subnet. Your IT person can help ensure this is the case.

Discover Printers in DataNinja

Once your printer is online you need to have it discovered in DataNinja. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of DataNinja. Under TOOLS select Printers. Once on the printer page, click the down arrow on the right side of the "Add Printer" button and select "Discover Printers".

Click "In Understand" to begin discovering printers.

Printer discovery can take a few minutes. Once complete, discovered printers will appear on your printer page like this:

Set Printer Details

Double click on the discovered printers. Click "Edit" to rename the printer, select "HQ" as the Printer Hub location, verify printer label stock size.



It's best to give your label printers static IP addresses. Your IT person can help you with this.

Select Label Templates

Activate the label templates the printer will need to use. These selections control which dropdowns the printer appears in for printing (Example: Receiving Page vs Manufacturing Record etc.)

Let's get printing!